Chapli Kabab Recipe in English & Urdu

The Chapli Kabab Recipe is a very exciting for me.This Recipe was gifted by my mother.My mother was expert in cooking Chapli Kabab. We all love to eat specially at Sunday night dinner at home.Whenever I smell the Chapli Kabab I lost in memory of my beloved mother.

Where does Chapli Kabab come from?

Chapli words come from Pashto language Chapleet which means flat, large and thin appearance of Chapli Kebabs.Chapli Kababs belongs to Afghanistan/KPK region of Pakistan.

What is Chapli Kabab?

Chapli Kabab is a spicey patty make of minced meat.It has following traits:

  • Chapli Kebab are huge in size.
  • Its a lot softer compared to regular Kababs.
  • Chapli Kebabs consist of coriander seed Which provide crunch.
  • The inclusion of dried pomegranate gives a tang to Kabab.

Ingredients and Substitutes

Chapli Kabab is a hearttouching dish

Oil or fat for frying

Beef Tallow is very tradition way to cook. Oil is very good.

Mince Meat

Chapli Kebabs are made with beef, mutton and lamb.


Tomatoes is important ingredient


Red onion is preference

Garlic, Ginger,Green Chillies

All type of ingredient give a spicey taste.

Wheat Flour or Gram Flour

These are two binding elements.This give some extra deep and toasty flavour.

Eggs, All Spice Powder 1tsp,Coriander Seeds, Salt to taste

This is also give binds to mint

Method: Step by Step

In a pot add beef mint,pomegranate seeds,Whole spice powder,onion, egg, coriander leaves,coriander seeds,green chillies salt,roasted gram flour.Refrigerate mixture for 20 minutes.Mix well.Now make patty and put a tomato slice on top.Then heat oil and fry for 4-5 minutes on low heat until done.


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