Chace Crawford and Miles Teller Dance Shirtless with Cowboy hats in New Tik Tok video:miles tiller:is chace crawford related to cindy crawford

The pair showed off their moves in a video uploaded by Keleigh Teller on Friday.

Miles Teller and Chace Crawford are living their weekend to fullest.

On Friday July 5 Keleigh Teller shared a TikTok clip of Mies 37 and Crawford 38 enjoying a night in.

The 23 second video featured the duo jamming to Queens You are My Best Friend as Miles hedl his and Keleight pup Bugsy.

Crawford snatch a loaf of bread in one hand and held pool stick in other.

Friday Keleight documented her 4th of July festivals in other TikTok clip which included her Crawford, Miles, Nina Dobrev and boyfriend Shaun white enjoying a boat ride fireworks.

Keleigh and Miles married in Hawaii in 2019 marked their 4th wedding anniversary with romantic getaway in Bora Bora in September.

Keleight commemorated the moment with Instagram carousel of moments she and the Top Gun Maverick star have shared over the years including snapshots of vacation.

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