Bachelor Alum Ryan Sutter expresses on Instagram about wife Trista’s absence: ‘We are doing great’ ryan and trista separation

Former reality TV actor provides news on relationship separation with wife.

In an Instagram post on Saturday May 18 black and white outdoor image of himself. ryan sutter shared news about their current situation.

trista and ryan public appearance together was in January at the Golden Bachelor wedding of Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist.

ryan and trista separation

Showing his love for Trista, Ryan acknowledged missing her presence and chance to connect with her.

This emotional messages comes shortly after Ryan shared another message on Instagram showing his desire to speak with Tristan and hear her voice.

The pair who met on inaugural season of The Bachelorette in 2003 and tied to knot that year end. ryan and trista now celebrated 20th wedding anniversary.

trista and ryan sutter kids

They share two kid Maxwell 16 and Blakesley 14.

what happened to trista sutter

Ryan did not share Trista’s whereabout, he emphasized that his posts were not mean to deceive or mislead anyone. Rather to express his genuine feelings.

ryan sutter news

Ryan latest Instagram news come after series of posts for Mother’s Day during which he showed admiration for Trista and acknowledged her absence on special day. Trista commented on one of posts with emojis.

Trista is fine. “We are fine We are great” wrote Ryan in post. He added that trista is in phase of self discovery and has taken chance that requires her to be temporarily inaccessible to their family.

who is the golden bachelorette

ABC announces Joan Vassos the first leading lady of The Golden Bachelorette.

when does golden bachelorette start

The Golden Bachelorette is slotted for Wednesdays at 8 pm EDT on ABC.5

who’s the next golden bachelorette

Vassos who is 61 years old was contest on Season 1 of The Golden Bachelor in the fall.

how old is the new bachelorette

Vassos is 61 years old

which bachelor couples are still together

Trista and Ryan are still together


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