Nikki Haley attract the biggest crowd of her campaign in her home state of South Carolina

Nikki Haley gain the mega crowd of her campaign Monday at an event in state of South Carolina. She is making efforts to meet the gap with GOP front runner and former US President Donald Trump j weeks before from the initiation of the primary season.

More than 2600 people listening Haley, the former UN ambassador and governor accroding to reports of official at satellite campus of University of South Carolina along the state southern coast. Fifty percent of number views her event from video images outside the arena after it was completely full.

According to Haley campaign there are only 2000 supporter who attend her Feburary launch event in Charleston.

Haley often target on this theme herself saying her expel of a 30 year state incumbent in the South Carolina House then defeating three initially popular contestant to emerge as the first woman to serve as South Carolina governor.

On Monday Haley taunt on Trump appearance in her home state at football match betweent the Clemson University and University of South Carolina. Trump was a guest of Governor Henry Mc Master and an alumnus of South Carolian which beaten by Clemson.

” How did it work out for the Gamecocks having Trump show up?” Not so lucky for the Gamecocks just saying go Tigers “.

Haley with other candidates are far behind with who has led the GOP ground since initiating his 3rd Presidential Campaign previous year. Later this week Haley will move back to New Hampshire. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis campaign across South Carolina on Friday. Businessman Vivek Ramaswamy has dozens of events to be schedule in lowa late this week.

Milliond dollar question remains in the mind of attendes who gathered to hear Haley how she could close the gap with Trump.

Haley on monday event target her former boss saying as she has before that she believes Trumps was “the right president at the right time” but comments the time is right for a new generation in U.S leadership.

Haley raise the traditional points of her campaign speech getting appreciation and cheers follwing calls to term limit member of Congress subject politicians to brain competency tests and end trade relations with China until they stop killing American with fentanyl.

Haley expressed ” I agree with a lot of his policies, but the truth is rightly or wrong chaos follow him”. “We have too much separation in this country and too many threats around the globe to be sitting in chaos once again ” .

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