Actress Rebel Wilson says she desires she had stood up to Sacha Baron Cohen for fat shaming her

Actress Rebel Wilson open up she would now be good enough to walk away from alleged degrading treatment she claims she suffered at hands of Sacha Baron Cohen.

The Australian born mega star 44 tells media that she permitted herself to be degraded by British comedian because she lacked self esteem to stand up for herself when they acted together in 2016 film Grimsby.

Wilson who said in her career she was often cast as the fat funny girl tells presenter Lauren Laverne. That was worst professional experience and that was it crossed all the line.

It was not joke. It just crossed the line into experience where I did feel ashamed and degraded of being overweight lady.

In Grimsby which was failure at box office Baron Cohen played a feckless football hooligan called nobby who has 11 children with his partner Dawn.Wilson role.

The movie starred Mark strong as nobby unlikely brother.

In latest memoir Rebel Rising Wilson accused the Ali G and Borat actor of pressuring her into doing a nude scene and making her wear clothes that showed her in most unflattering light.

He also alleged to have bullied her and asked her to stick her finger up his b t.

Baron Cohen who co wrote and produced the movie has denied all Wilson claims.

She continues “Even though at time I reported it nothing really happened.

“I stayed in situation and had thing said to me and stuff that i should have left.

The me now would be strong enough but back then I just did not have enough self esteem to leave and I thought I labelled as unprofessional if i left”


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