Winter X Games expands co operation with Thayer Natural Remedies. MobileX Jumpstarts profile with X Games

The Winter X Games will have gender equity in its upcoming events due to the extension of a co operation with Thayers Natural Remedies.

The skincare company has signed on to sponsor the event which start in Aspen, Colo., on Friday. Thayers will entitle the knuckle huck contest giving women freeskies and snowboarders a opportunity to compete in it for the first time.

Thayers 175 year old skincare company famous for its red capped toner, firt partnered with X Games California last year in a deal facilitated by Coyne PR.

Katz said coming out of that even the company has highest sales since it purchase by L Oreal in 2020. The X Games give the company chance to connect with Gen Z.

It will give female athletes the change to compete in the same event as their male counter parts something the X Games has not always had in the past.

The X Games added knuckle huck which sees athletes do trick off the knuckle of the jump rather than the kicker that sends them jumping in the air, for men snowboarding in 2019 and for men freeskiing the year.

The X Games had mega air competitions for male athletes however didnot add those for women until 2017 the year before that made its Olympic debut.

Ashley Robbins said ” Just having that equality factor bringing female athletes to the forefront that is an important part of it.”

” Its really innovative what we are doing with them. It is really out of the box and it s been a true partnership bringing to life this incredible event and really being partners that are working to grow our brands together.”

The X Games will view athletes from around the world descend on Aspen, Colorado this weekend to compete in the sports competition and MobileX will be there as the exclusive wireless carrier partner.

Mobilex’s previous sponsorship with NASCAR driver Brodie Kotstecki and MobileX founder Petter Adderton fondness fro the extreme.

MobilesX is fairly new to the wireless scene. Adderton has been in the wireless and MVNO business for decades, MobileX only launched about a year before. It uses Verizon network and promises big savings on data usage thanks to its unique application of AI.

MobileX is not revealing how much they are spending there are various levels of sponsorships. MobileX commercials and signage will be featured throughout the coverage of the X Games on ESPN, You Tube and Twitch from today though Sunday, January 28.

Adderton who founded boost mobile in Australia after bringing it to the US added that the first event he sponsored after launching Boost was the X Games in Aspen which was suuccessful.

Adderton expressed that the cost of running MobileX which is in the process of raising another round of financing is low because it is in the cloud with major costs being distribution, sales and marketing.

Distribution is a key and mega part of MobileX’s partnership with X Games is Walmart, where the MobileX is rolling out to about 3,700 stores across country and on MobileX is already in Walmart stores and expect to be in next couple weeks.

Adderton is not shy about critiques of the U.S. Boost brand and it has been operating under the ownership of Dish Network. MobileX was a disaster when it first launched in beta in 2022 and the negative reviews were 100 percent right.

For foreseeable future, MobileX is a bring your own device BYOD service. The plan is to offer unlocked devices in the future.


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