Who is the lady behind Solana Hit Meme Coin Donald Tremp

TREMP was minted on Feb 28 at first price of few fractions of penny. It has run to highs of 63 cents and sits at 2 cents on Wednesday giving the tokens a market capitalization of $22 million. Nearly 20,000 individual hold token.

Original create behind the project leave after it release selling their holding when the project was in its infancy.

Community members like of B and other took reins shortly after leading to whats famous called a community takeover in crypto circles.

B a woman who is from UK and works in tech marketing view the fought for token value between these coins as a blockchain election.

She said ” I think that having a crypto election at same time as real life election is something that is never really done before in crypto space”.

Political finance PoliFi meme coins from TRUMP to TREMP are deep in red but the lady running the show at latter who goes by handle B is still having fun.
A plethora of politician themed meme coins have minted on Solana and all have some liking to Spoderman meme poorly drawn version of Spiderman on MS Paint that pays homage to Dolan a version of Donald Duck with attitude error with misspelled names.
TREMP is not the only Trump themed PoliFi token, MAGA on Ethereum which has mega market cap and held in former President official wallet.
B is a Trump supporter the project is not about partisan conviction but memes, community and having fun. B believes Trump has support of crypto community because of opposition to Democrat tax policy.
Meme coins like BODEN and TREMP have been minted on Solana and price of SOL has spike 60% more than last month.
3fn B partner in TREMP project explain these memes tokens use Solana due to its low transaction fees, community and rapid speeds.
Ethereum would not work due to its high fees genesis of Solana and its competitors in first place.
B and 3fn added that these critics are missing the major point. Yes it seems silly but PoliFi coins now have a market cap of $220 million.
This is crypto so it is reasonable to create a category trading on names of politicians and worth hundred of millions of dollars.

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