Crypto market climbs: GRT Price 56% explodes CRO poised for break out


Cornos CRO and The Graph GRT are showed as promising altcoins with huge price climbs.The US Fed holding interest rates slowly with potential cuts in 2024 is seen as positive for crypto investment.

The total crypto market cap rised 10% to 2.65 trillion dollar with Bitcoin climbing 7.6% and Ethereum 10%.

The cryptocurrency market Ethereum ETH and Bitcoin BTC is balanced for huge rally in near future.

Over the past 24 hours leading up to Thursday London session, the cryptocurrency market cap rised by 10 percent to $2.65 trilion.

Bitcoin climbed by 7.6 percent regaining the $67k mark and triggering over $318 million in crypto liquidations.


Cronos an exchange based altcoin compatible with Ethereum ecosystem is experiencing stages of its second bull run.

CRO price has showed higher spikes and falls show an upward trend. Midterm target set around 50 cents, CRO is poised to overcome opposition around 18 cents in near future show opportunities for investors.

Causes for Crypto Rebound

The latest shift in monetary policy by Bank of Japan is have a mega impact on the cryptocurrency market with investors turning towards quality investments.

GRT price against the USD is balance to rally towards $1.2 in near future. The RSI has surpassed the 70 level, showing bullish momentum.

THe US Federal Reserve made a decision to control its interest rate between 5.50 and 5.25 percent. US dollar inflation economist are forecasting 3 interest rate down during latter half of this year.

Altcoin market is balance to follow suit showing chances. Layer one L1 projects and leading DeFi based tokens are drawing attention as investment targets.


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