Walmart agrees to pay $70 Disability Discrimination

Walmart will pay $70,000 and furnish reliefs to settle a disability discrimination lawsuit filed by US EEOC the federal agency declared on March 7, 2024.

The EEOC charge that Walmart violated ADA when it revoked permission from employee with disability to use store electric carts as reasonable accommodation for disability forcing him to take unpaid leave.

According to EEOC lawsuit after hiring Quinones whoe use a prosthetic leg Walmart accommodated Quinones by permitting him to use one of store electric carts to perform some of his job duties.

Seven months later Walmart told Quinones he was no longer able to use cart claiming that store electric carts were for consumer use only though employees were allowed to use carts to accommodate temporary injuries.

Walmart failed to offer reasonable accommodation that allowed Quinones to continue working Walmart placed him on indefinite unpaid leave.

Walmart agreed to offer Quinones a job at one of its South Carolina locations. 2 year consent decree settling the suit enjoins company from failing to provide reasonable accommodation to individual with disabilities related to walking and standing at store in Aiken.

The decree limited exception enjoin Walmart from eliminating existing reasonable accommodation for individual without identifying alternative that allows employee to remain in position except in circumstances.

Walmart will required to conduct annual training for salaried employee at affected store post an employee notice, submit compliance reports to the EEOC.

Alleged conduct violated the ADA which protect individuals with disabilities from workplace discrimination and requires that employees provide reasonable workplace accommodations.

The EEOC filed suit in US District Court for the District of South Carolina Aike Division after first try to reach pre litigation settlement through its admin council process.


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