Google brings all its Nest Cam features to Google Home for Web

You in near future will be able to view recorded videos, event, download clips and timelines from Google Nest cams through web browser.

The company says it is bringing the feature to generate custom clips from recorde footage both on web and in app, bringing the full functionality of its Nest cameras to its own platform.

This feature will require a Nest Aware subscription starting at $8 a month.

Google has open up that in upcoming days Nest Cam user will finally able to download and view recorded clips and scroll through their event timeline on new web portal.

You can able to view live streams from here if you desire to see what happened earlier you need to go to Google Home app.

Older Nest Cam users could see live and recorded footage at you can see a live view in Google interface.

You could still access the Nest app or Google Home app to view clips and downloads them.

Google first said in 2021 to bring a web view to its camera in 2021 but it didnot happen.

Nest Cam user will be able to take benefit of both mega clip making choice and mega screen.

It is likely all old Nest Cams and New Google Nest Cams have been transferred to Google Home app. Picture in Picture viewing is also slated for Google Home for Web.

The custom clips feature which lets you pick a start and end time from recording and turn it into a clip will lauch in next few weeks both on Google Home app and web.

It will come to Nest Cam indoor, wired, Nest Cam outdoor or indoor, Nest Cam with Floodlight, Nest Doorbell wired, second gen, Nest Doorbell battery and Nest Cam Indoor first gen.

Google Home for web rolling out camera history

Google Home for web is entering availability and adding camera history with custom clips feature is exiting preview

In October 2022,com launched in preview. Google Home for web is getting ability to view camera history. Video appears at left while there is a timeline at right.

Google Home for web will help a version of Public Preview so you can try feature before they are more broadly available.


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