Top Bulk Text Message Services. Compare the Top Bulk Text Message Services.What is a Bulk Text Message Service?What is Cold Texting?Is Mass Texting Illegal?How much Bulk Text Message Services Cost?Are Bulk Text Message Services Worth Cost?

Text message marketing assist businesses engage where their customer live on their phone.According to survey 75% desire to receive texts with special offers.19% of links in text messages are clicked while only 2% of links in emails.Text messages have a 98% open rate.

Best Bulk Text Message Services of 2023-24

Simple Texting

Simple Texting helps customers from businesses including Samsung,Century 21 and Starbucks.14 days free trial.Most affordable of all the bulk text messaging services we reviewed.It allows businesses to use existing phone lines to receive texts. Direct integration with third party apps are limited.

Simple Texting offers marketing features, auto responders, text to win, text to vote, segmentation,polling,analytics, scheduling.User can select thousands of other integration through zapier.

All of simple texting plans come with a 14 day free trial and including unlimited contacts, suport seven day a week, unlimited keywords and rollover credits.


Trumpia customer include Goodwill, the Baltimore Ravens and GM. It offers robust automation, targeting and enterprise grade messaging features.11 subscription plans are huge in price compare to competitors.Lots of features including contact importing, drip campaigns and many more.

EZ Texting

EZ texting offers automated marketing features including text forwarding and drip campaigns.It integrates with third party marketing tools like Zendesk and Constant Contact.Huge monthly cost if your business needs to forward a large number of messages.


Twilio is designed for developers to build out a custom text messaging system.Drag and drop facility available.No direct integration with third party apps.


Textedly offers business customers including GoDaddy,Coca Cola,Disney and Fedex.It is great for small businesses it offers a basic no frills set of text message marketing facility to assist business.It has clean, web based interface.Sends SMS texts over 455 characters long.Integrate with 1000 third party apps.Integrate with fewer apps than various contestants.


SlickText is easy to use platform.14 days free trial.Integrate with more than 14000 third party apps.Various number of subscription plans may got confusing.SlickText has customers like Lyft and Hyatt.It offers nine plans including four less price choices. SlickText offers drip campaign, auto responders, picture messaging, surveys, birthday texts and text to win contests.


Twilio is best for customers and developers who can build it any way they desire using Twilio APIs.Drag and Drop Features available for non developers.Designed for developers to build out a text messaging system.No integration with third part apps.Drag and Drop features available for non developers.


TextMagic is best for quick set up.It integrates with thousands of third party apps.It has virtual toll free numbers so customers can reply to text free of charge.Pricing may costly as a lot of texts required.

What is a Bulk Text Message Service?

Bulk Text Message services help businesses to send short targeted texts to their customers.It tells customers about special deals offers and promotions.Customers are constantly attached to their phones.

What is Cold Texting?

Cold Texting is a form of texting that involves to approach customers without prior approval.Cold texting is illegal in the U.S.Your business is liable for a fine if you involve in cold texting.

Is Mass Texting Illegal?

Mass Texting is legal it is highly regulated by the US government.You have to follow following regualtions;

  • Including an opt in option
  • Honoring your own terms
  • Getting written consents before adding phone numbers to your lists or sending messages
  • Ensuring all information about your business in the initial texts
  • Providing multiple chances to opt out
  • Familarizing yourself the law surrounding mass texting

Are Bulk Text Message Services Worth Cost?

Bulk Text Messages works well for businesses that offers rotating discounts,promotions.Bulk Text message is great for businesses with a younger customer base.

How much Bulk Text Message Services Cost?

Bulk Text message services offers monthly pricing depend on the number of messages the businesses can send out each month.Pricing starts $20 to S25.


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