How to Protect Your Privacy When Using ChatGPT

ChatGPT has create an internet sensation.Data breaches serve as a reminder that technology is possible threat to privacy.ChatGPT has creates miracles in modern digital era.Here are some tips to protect your data penned below;

Delete Chat

According to OpenAI news on the March 20,2023 outage, a error in an open source library cause the data breache.The leak permit others user to view the chat history title of other users.It also leaked payment information of ChatGPT Plus subscribers 1.2% involving email, credit card information and names. Deleting your convesrsation or chat assist to save your data from possible threats.Take the following steps to delete your chats

  • Click the three dots infront of your ChatGPT account name
  • Click Settings
  • Under General click clear to remove all chats
  • Another method is select each conversation and delete it

The second method is good if you desire to save some of your chats.On the list of conversation click the chat you desire to delete.Chose the trash icon to clear the data.

Limit access to sensitive data

Limiting access to sensitive data is important when workers are permit to use ChatGPT.If you are performing as a management role limit access to sensitive information and data to authorize members who require it for key roles.

Implement access control to protect your company information.You can monitor that access control are working effectively.Role based access control permit specific employees to get specific data for their Job.

Use ChatGPT Responsibly for Work

Understanding ChatGPT privacy policy should assist you determine that the AI tool is threaten to privacy.There is no protecting way to use AI and your data privacy is not compromise.However you can take some crucial steps to prevent the data leaks.

Be Careful of Third Party Apps

Do not installs doubtful apps that asks permission on your phone.Verify their data controlling methods to monitor if they met your company privacy standards.There is question marks on third party ChatGPT apps and browser extension.Before using them carefully scruitinize them.

Donot Save Your Chat History

One of the best method is to save your privacy data is to avoid saving your chat history.ChatGPT by default stores all interactions between the Chatbot and users.These chats are used to train Open AI systems.They are subject to inspect by moderators.Account moderation open up security threat for users.According to Verge organization like Amazon and Apple banned their employee for using AI tools.

Follow these steps

  • Click the ellipsis your chatgpt account name
  • Click on settings
  • Click on data controls
  • Toggle of Chat history and training

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