The Makanai Cooking for the Maiko House drama, Cast,Schedule

The Makanai: Cooking for the Maiko drama writer is Aiko Koyama, Hirokazu Koreeda. Kdrama director is Megumi Tsuni and Hirokazu Koreeda.Story revolve around Kyo Nozuki and Sumeira Herai.Kiyo Nozuki yet to become a Maiko due to lack of talent.Sumeira Herai become maiko and works with name of Momohana.The two are best friends.

The Makanai Cooking for the Maiko Cast

  • Ai Hashimoto as Momoko
  • Mayu Matsoko as Yashino
  • Nana Mori as Kiyo
  • Aju Makita as Ryoko
  • Takako Tokiwa as Azusa
  • Deguchi Natsuki as Sumeire

Mayu Matsuoka

Mayu Matsuoka is a renowned Japanese actress.Mayu birthday is 16 Feburary 1995 in Tokyo, Japan.Mayu is singel and not married yet.Mayu settle in Tokyo with her family.Mayu Matsuoka height is 5 feet inches and weight 62 Kg.Mayu hair color black and eye color black.Maya is slim and smart in figure.

Mayu achieve Fumiko Yamaji Freshman Actress Award and Tama Best Emergine Actress Award in 2016.She became ambassador of Tokyo International Film Festival in 2017.Mayu famous work is Shoplifters and Tremble All You want.

Ai Hashimoto

Ai Hashimoto is a famous Japanese actress,,singer and model.Hashimoto birthday is 12 January 1996 in Kumamoto, Japan.She is nominated for Japan Academy Prize-nominated portrayal of Kasumi.Hashimotoe is not married yet. Her height 5 feet 5 inches and Weight 61 Kg.Her hair black and eye color Dark Brown.

Hashimoto notable work in Sadako 3D, Confessions,Hatsukoi, The World of Kanako.

Nana Mori

Nana Mori is energetic Japanese actress and singer.She was born on 31 August 2001 in Osaka, Japan.Nana is still single.Mori height 5 feet and weight 59 Kg.Her hair and eye color black.Nana popular performance in Weatheirng With You, Mr.Hirragi Homeroom and Touboui F.

Keiko Matsuzaka

Keiko Matsuzaka is a most populat Japanese actress.Her birthday is 20 July 1952 in Tokyo Japan.Matsuzaka husband is Haruhiko Takauchi. She is 5 feet 3 inches tall and has 65 Kg weight.Her popular performances in tokusatsu superhero series,kunitri Monogatari, Aguri.

Aju Makita

Aju Makita is a beautiful Japanese actress.Aju birthday is August 7, 2002 in Kanagawa Japan.She achieve best new comer award at Hochi Film Award in 2018.Mainichi Film Award for Best Supporting Actress in 2020. Makita is not married yet.Makita is 5 feet 1 inches tall and weight is 61 Kg.Her Eye and Hair Color is black.Aju popular performances in True Mother,Shoplifters, After the Storm, The Third Murder.

Takako Tokiwa

Takako Takiwa is gorgeous Japanese actress.She was born on 30 April 1972 in Yokoham,Kanagawa, Japan.She achieve best actress award in Japanese Academy Awards in 2005 Akai Tsuki.Tokiwa husband is 20 October 2009.Tokiwa height is 5 feet 5 Inches and 72 Kg.Her Hair Color Brown and Eye Color Black.

Deguchi Natsuki

Deguchi Natsuki is a renowned Japanese actress and model.Her mother is from China.Deguchi is still single. Her Hair and Eye Color is Black.In 2018 she won Miss Seventeen.She belongs to Tokyo Japan and her birthplace is 4 October 2001.Deguchi films are The Cury Songs,Silent Parade.

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