Spotify web player down for 2 hours before 2023 Wrapped release

Spotify poke fun at the launch of Spotify Wrapped previous week, forwarding notifications, telling customers how many song they hearing in 2022 and query them how they think 2023 would compete.

The 2023 Wrapped involve data from January through to a few weeks before the feature is released. Music fans await the lauch of Spotify Wrapped set to come out this week.

Spotify Wrapped the yearly closeup that brings insight into your hearing habits initiated after its launch. Spotify is offering Wrapped on the web for the first time.

Streaming Service Spotify Web player was down for 2 hours on Wednesday with more enthusiastic fans waiting for 2023 Spotify Wrapped to be launched. You can reach Wrapped through the Spotify app on ios and Android.

Spotify brought this year a feature that gives you a sound tow base on the music you have hearing to throughout 2023 along with another systems that assign you a actor depends on hearing habits.

At mid day AEST customers had launch 439 reports of break down through down detector. In past years it has been released on either the previous day of November or the 1st day of December.

Landing on a ligin page when moving to few consumer are looking a blank webpage that tells 500 internal server error. There are various reports on X.

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