US military aircraft crashes off Japan island Six aboard at least one died.

In South Western Japan a US military Aircraft with 6 people on board has crashed off Yakushima island.

Japans NHK broadcaster told that CV-22 Osprey hybrid plane had been trying to land at Yakushima Airport with one engine on fire. Japan Coast Guard told one person had been found dead near the crash place.

Japan defense ministry told to press that aircraft misplaced from the radar at 14: 40 local time 5:40 GMT on Wednesday. More than 50,000 US defense personnel are posted in Japan. Yakushima, in Kagoshima is located south of Japan Kyushu island.

The Coast Guard get a sad call five minutes after saying the aircraft had crashed. Six boats and two helicopters sent to crash side. At 16 helicopter witness what look like a life raft and part of aircraft.

Ospreys which can work as a helicopter and turbodrop aircraft have been facing several crashes over the several years.

The aircraft crashes on Wednesday moving from lwakuni base in the western Yamaguchi prefecture to kadena base in the country south westernmost Okinawa region.

Other Osprey aircraft flying alongside landed securely at Yakushima.

Three marines in 2017 were died when Osprey destroyed after clipping back of a transport ship while making effort to land at sea off Austalia northern coast.

In august 2023 another Osprey crashed in northern australia three marines died among the 23 on board.

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