SNL: Sydney Sweeney is The Chosen One In Hooters Sketch

Sydney Sweeney has been tapped as the chosen one At Hooters that is. While hosting Saturday Night Live the actress took a sketch that look her as new waitress learning the ropes at the sports bar.

It does not take long for her to start raking in tips even though she is pretty bad at actual serving.

Even after she spills beer over a table and makes a man break his sobriety the group still offers to purchase her a car.

After she get another tip from a patron one of her co worker complains. That is mad I served that guy last week when i purchase the check he patted his pockets and said sorry I Just got laid off.

Ultimately her co worker suggest that perhaps Hooters is not the best place for her because she is making them feel bad and taking their tip but the chain mascot Hooter B Owl disagrees.

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