Paramount Super Bowl can Power up its streaming business

The state of streaming business can be summed up in start of new Super Bowl commercial for Paramount+.

Paramount+ will stream the game, hopefully driving new subscribers however the company is using the game to launch new campaigns for two streaming platforms.

In the Paramount+ spot Sir Patrick Stewart stars joined by Drew Barrymore, Miami Dolphins, QB Tagobvailoa, Peppa Pig, Master Chief, Arnold from Hey arnold.

With streaming business at tipping point Netflix moves ahead of pack and everyone is gaining to turn a profit. Paramount Global is trying the Super Bowl can help biggest TV even of year for streaming business.

Paramount+ will stream big game driving new subscribers the company also using the game to launch new campaigns for its 2 streaming platforms.

The company is planning installment of Paramount Mountain campaign what it is calling and is opening a brand identity for free streaming service Pluto TV hoping to convince some of 100 or million viewers to give the FAST service a try first ever Super Bowl ad.

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