Leading up to a First Alert Weather day, bringing thuderstorms in round one and a snow with low temperatures in round two.

To avoid a similar disastrous winter of 2022 when MLGW consumers lost water service and power. MLGW winterized all electric substations and treated circuit breaks with anti freeze.

Water pumping stations are online. The utility wells have been insulated and winterized heating installed to avoid freeze ups. No one desire a December 2022 condition when MLGW electric grid and water pumping station failed following an ice storm. TVA did not have power to serve its 10 million consumers resulting in rolling blackouts.

The mega worry of MLGW is pipe bursting in freezing temperature. The utility advised consumers to permit their faucets to drip, insulate outdoor pipes.

TVA invested more than $100 million in upgrades, sesnsors to prevent the loss of generation capacity. The TVA rolling blackouts experience a year ago should not re occur. The power provider added 1500 megawatts of new power to supply more than 1.5 million homes.

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