The glitches happened past week when fare changes went into effect on February.

According to Metra says “a major software upgrade was done over the weekend and it appeared to be working Sunday.”

Some travelers ran into problems Monday morning.

Metra said ” Ventra app issues are ongoing. Any pending charges should be dismissed by your bank before posting to your account. If a charge is posted no ticket is populated then contact Passenger services at 312 MY METRA 696-3872. Conductors will accommodate riders onboard.

It is not clear how much money has been lost due to glitches. Meta spokesperson added It is significant”.

The glitches come as Metra took away its remaining ticket windows in order to push more riders to use the Ventra app.

Metra issued an apology to its riders and accommodated them while system was being repaired.

The rail agency added problem was likely due to increase in app users

how does the ventra app work
Metra train

What are the changes in Metra’s new fare structure which rolled out Thursday?

Metra rolled out it new fare structure Thursday.

Metra say the changes are elimination of the 10 Ride Ticket as fare opinion and reduction of number of far zones from 10 to 4.

All downtown Chicago stations are now new Zone 1

Remaining stations assigned to Zone 2 through 4. Thursday ticket will no longer be sold at tickets windows.Consumers must purchase them from the Ventra app or vending machines.

The 10 Ride Ticket is being replaced with a Day Pass 5 Pack, 5 day passes that can used on any 5 days with 3 months of purchase. The Day Pass 5 Pack will available only Ventra app.The 10 Ride Ticket is will no longer be available for purchase.

Meta is eliminating the $100 super saver monthly pass and returning to prices based on distance traveled. All monthly pass prices are less than pre pandemic prices.

The February Monthly Pass did not go on sale from Ventra app pr vending machine until Thursday.

Monthly Pass will cost $75 from Zone 2 to Zone 1, S110 from Zone 3 to Zone 1 and $135 from Zone 4 to Zone 1. Monthly passes covering trips do not start or end downtown will cost $75.

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