McDonald’s offering File O Fish deal for Lent

McDonald’sis offering a deal on its Filet O Fish sandwich for the season of Lent. Consumers who bought the crispy fish sandwich will be able to get a second for just $1. The deal started on Feb,14 the first day of Lent and will run through late March. This year Lent ends on March 28. The offer is only at participating location.

The McDonald’s Filet O Fish features a crispy fish filet patty on melty American cheese topped with creamy McDonald tartar sauce and serve on soft steamed bun.

2024 is a year of change for McDonald. The restaurant revealed its hamburger, double cheeseburger, cheeseburger McDouble burger and Big Macs will have meltier cheese and fresher lettuce and tomatoes.

The fast food chain will add onions to burger patties while meat is on grill and grill six patties at time instead of eight.

This month McDonald reveal the return of the Shamrock shake. The St Patricks Day inspired green shake is on the menu at participating restaurants while supplies last.

The chain announced the return of the Double Big Mac.

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