Marcia Hines fall in dressing room and is moved to hospital with Australian Idol appearance cancelled she went down

Marcia Hines has been rushed to hospital following medical emergency.

The Australian Idol judge collapsed in her dressing room on set of reality series on Sunday and injured her head in fall.

Hines was set to perform on show before collapsing and was taken to hospital through ambulance.

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Hines is a judge on singing competition alongside Kyle Sandilands and Amy Shark.

Hines is in a good condition and her fall was due to her diabetes.

Host Ricki Lee Coulter views that Hines would be absent at start of Sunday episode.

Hines has been Type-1 diabetic for almost 40 years.

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marcia hines is 70 years old singer. Hine was one of the original judges on australian idol when it debuted down in 2003.

Hines said she was delighted to return to judge panel for Australian Idol in 2024. She appeared on the singing competition as judge during its first 7 season and she is taking her seat at the table once again.

The American Australian star says she can thank the Australian Idol for heralding her career.

I think Idol started resurgence and then I kept being in people consciousness not too big not too small just a presence.

Hines shared a statement to her Instagram Page on Sunday night.

” I m very sorry that I m not there with you all tonight. It been a big few days of work and I was feeling a tittle unwell. I m resting up now so I can be back with you all tomorrow night.

You will have spotted that we missing someone important and special to Idol family. Marcia is unwell and unable to join us tonight.

Sandilands then chimed in Sorry sorry That real downplay. She was taken out of here in ambulance.

Sandilands then chimed in Sorry sorry. Real downplay. She was taken out of here in ambulance.

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