DeFi Farming Game Crypto Valley is Giving Players Yield on Ethereum L2 Blast

The mega game on Ethereum scaler Blast wraps up DeFi mechanics into one FOMO inducing package.

Gaming activity is booming now Ethereum scaler Blast and one game has fallen victim to an exploit on nascent network another is yielding rave reviews from players while driving Blast’s traded token.

In the web based game you will buy NFT based seed with the games Yield token and plant them and then harvest the produce to earn more YIELD. Rinse and repeat. Crypto Valleys has more aims ahead as spelled out in game documentation and social media platform but now it looks easy and simple.

The gacha elements assist spice things up coming in shape of NFT seed packs with random contents. Gacha games are akin to loot boxes in famous games which promise rewards could range wildly from common to extraordinary.

You do not know until you open them however which fuels the FOMO

Last two day the tweets around finding rare valuable seeds and sharing farming strategies have been circulating across Crypto Twitter. We will see degens stick around long time to watch these digital crops and game around them.

Crypto Valleys is the game in query and it appears to tread upon similar ground as Pixels the famous farming game on competing scaler Ronin. Crypto Valleys at least in incarnation stressed on keeping DeFi degens coming back to harvest more gains.

Crypto Valley Yield is most traded token across all Blast per data from DexScreener with about $13 million of trading volume over past 24 hours.

The price jumped to about $17 on Thursday and then dropped into Friday it has been climbing again to current price of $13.60. That gives token a $95 million market cap.

The tokens were offered for sale in game at price of around $0.15 each.

Crypto Valleys gave out free to mint collection of 1500 character NFTs. The asset start at 0,4 ETH or $1,350. And yielded over $4 million trading volume so far.

Crypto Valleys has draw comparison to crypto game DeFi Kingdoms which wrapped the mechanics of decentralized finance trading into fantasy role player.

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