Is Google Password Manager Safe and Secure?

Your passwords are the key to your online existence.It is the gateway to your payment portals, home security system and social media accounts.Google free password manager integrate with its other services and permit to access your password from any browser or device but how safe it is.

Why Should Use Google Password Manager

If you use Google Chrome it is wise to use the integrated password tool.To look save passwords whether you logged in on chrome or not you can visit the Google domain in your browser it is simple.You only remember your Google password.

What is Google Password Manager?

If you surf the web using Google Chrome Browser or using Android mobile you have came across Google Password Manager.When you enter your login detail on any website you will see a prompt asking if you desire to save password. You typically have two choices Save and never.

After clicking save if you visit the same website chrome will be able to fill in your login credential i.e user name and password with out needing to remember them.

How Secure is Google Password Manager?

Google is one of the best tech companies in the world.If use various authentication with your Google Account the account and passwords detail you store online are very much secure.Google Password Manager main danger lie on your PC there are two methods that attacker could reach to your account.

Fist way an attacker can use by using database file.An attacker need to know three things that an account exists with a special service, the password and the user name associated with account.

In the database file on your PC these first two factors are in plain text and only password is encrypted.If an attacker control to copy this away from your PC it can be cracked at the leisure.List of services and usernames and passwords are also available in online marketplace.Attackers may use malware file on your PC in order to steal the file.

Other method attacker can use by access physically to your system.If they manage to crack your system password they would be able to download all of your login information without encryption.

Where Does Google Password Manager Store Your Password?

If you are not logged in you can enter chrome://password-manager/passwords into the URL bar.If you are logged in your locally store chrome passwords will be save to

To access your passwords without entering a URL you need to install Google Password Manager locally To do this click on the menu icon in the top right of the chrome app and choose Install Google Password Manager than install when prompted.

Who is better Online Password Manager vs Google Password Manager

Online password manage store all of your password in an encrypted vault. These vaults are secured by a master password.These online dedicated password manager are not very much safe and hacker can hack them with much effort.

There is no safe and secure method to protect your username and password from criminals.


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