How to Check LESCO Bill Online 2024 I How to Check & Pay LESCO Duplicate Bill 2024

LESCO is abbreviation for Lahore Electric Supply Company is the main electricity distribution provider in Lahore and its neighboring area in Pakistan.

It starts its working on March 22 1998 and serves more than 4.5 million consumer across area spanning around 30,000 square kilometers.

Motive behind its establishment was to make process of generating, distributing more efficient and well managed LESCO was established to take care of job of distributing electricity in Punjab capital Lahore.

They provide uninterrupted power supply working to increase their distribution network efficiency and reliability through techn and infrastructure development.

How to Check and Download LESCO Duplicate Bill

Follow these steps to check your LESCO duplicate bill

  • Step 1 Reach
  • Search for the input field labeled as Reference Number or Customer ID
  • Input your Reference Number Within the Reference Number section. You can locate this number on previous LESCO electricity bill as it serve as distinctive identifier
  • Proceed to click submit or Check Bill button.
  • The website will process your request and retrieve details of your current electricity bill.
  • Upon successfully retrieving your bill details from the system you have the chance to examine current LESCO bill on your screen
  • If require a hard copy you can print the bill direct from web browser.
  • This bill accepted at any LESCO bill Receiving Agent Counter.
  • Commercial Banks, Small Shops of easy paisa, onma, Nadra e Sahulat etc

These are steps through which you can check Lesco duplicate bills through customer ID and reference number.

If you are confuse how to check your online bill through customer ID

How To Check Lesco Bill’s Reference Number or Customer ID

You can find your reference number or Customer ID for Your LESCO bill by checking your past bills or accessing the LESCO online portal

Here is step by step tips.

LESCO Online Portal

If you do not have reach to previous bill you can visit the LESCO online portal and choose the View Bill option. Enter 14 digit consumer number or provide your name and address details for searching your account details.

Once your account details are displayed you can get your reference number or customer ID in account summary.

Previous Bills

You can find your LESCO bill reference number or customer ID by examining any of your past bills. This unique number combo which serves as your LESCO account identifier is located in upper right or left corner of the bill.

Customer Services Center

You can visit any LESCO customer service center with a copy of your NIC or printed LESCO bill. A customer service will be available to assist you in retrieving your reference number or customer ID. Having your customer ID or reference number is vital for accessing your LESCO bill online.

How to Check LESCO Bill online with CNIC Number

You have the choice to check your LESCO online bill using your CNIC number.

You need to track down your reference number. Here how you can find reference number for the bill.

  • Get the Customer Complaint Management System CCMS
  • Select Complaint Navigation from Available options
  • Choose CNIC from the drop down menu
  • Enter your CNIC
  • Your reference number for the bill will then be displayed.

How to Pay LESCO Bill Online?

You can pay your LESCO bill in Pakistan through their website or app at bank branches using mobile wallets like JazzCash or Easy Paisa at designated ATMs or at LESCO customer service centers.

Mobile banking through your bak app is good choice. Choose the procedute that is ideal for you.

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