How to Apply for fesco meter in 2024 online & offline

The process to access a new connection of FESCO electricity is simple. There are two ways of apply for new connection.

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Offline Application

To apply for new connection in FESCo you need following steps

  • Visit near FESCO Customer Service Center to obtain the application form for new connection
  • Fill out the application form with complete data.
  • You need to provide name, contact information, type of connection, load requirement and address.
  • Attach required documents along with application form including copy of NIC a latest electricity bill and proof of ownership or tenancy of property where connection is required.
  • Submit the completed application form and supporting documents to FESCO Customer Service Centre or upload them online through the FESCO website.
  • After applying FESCO will conduct a feasibility study to decide the availability of connection in your region and required load capacity.
  • Once the feasibility study is complete FESCO will provide you with estimate of connection cost, which includes a connection fee security deposit and other applicable charges.
  • Pay the connection fee and security deposit to FESCO as per payment instructions provide
  • After payment FESCO will give you new connection within specified timeframe

Online Application

Online application you can apply for new electricity connection using ENC (Electricity New Connection system which is free and easy to use.

Detail method is penned below for good understanding. Applying for new connection installation follow same steps.

Before filling out the application form it is vital to possess some documents.

Copy of Property Document

Neighbors FESCO Electricity Bill copy

Attested CNIC copy of witness

All documents should be available in softcopy and hard in JPG and PDF formats.

Once you have all these documents ready you can begin to move the online application process from by following steps mentioned as under:

Step 1:

Open your browser and visit ENC portal by clicking the button below

Step 2

Click on Apply button on left side of portal

step 3

After selecting the Apply button you will be directed to page containing a form that requires you to provide neighbors consumer reference number.

Input this number the system will automatically retrieve the pertinent details like neighbor’s name and address the name of these distribution company as well as corresponding sub division name and code.

Step 4

At this step you will be asked to chose the specific load category based on your consumption and load requirements. The selection you make depend on type of connection you need.

If you require a domestic connection your load requirement is exceed 5KW.

In that case you can select the first choice which allows for load of up to 15KW.

Step 5

Once you provide the primary data you will be presented with lot of connection type option for which you need to choose the one that applies to your situation.

If you require a connection for residential purpose you should choose the Domestic connection type.

If you need a connection for tube well you can choose the connection type.

Step 6

After choosing the specific connection type scroll down the form to input your personal details.

  • If you own the property where connection is needed. Choose the Landlord option.
  • If you are tenant select the Tenant option.
  • Next enter your full name in the Applicant Name field and your father or husband name in second field.
  • If you are Pakistani citizen select first option under the citizenship column. Enter CNIC number and provide address mentioned on CNIC in respective fields.
  • Enter active mobile number in Mobile No 1 field. You can provide your father or husband name in Mobile No 2 field.
  • The new connection form also requires you to submit the contact details of the person who is getting the connection.
  • You can select the checkbox labeled same as above.

Step 7

In this step you will asked to provide details about appliances that you plan to use in home. You can choose the type of appliance from available menu choices.

Step 8

Once you provide all mandatory details you will be prompted to attach the necessary documents mentioned earlier.

Click on the Browse button and select the scanned copies of the required documents one by one. You upload each document in designated field before moving to next one.

Once you attached all necessary document review the form to ensure that all information provided is correct before submitting it.

After agreeing terms and condition and solving the mentioned captcha. Click on Submit button and your application for new connection will be submitted.


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