How to Check FESCO Bill Online

The easiness of accessing and paying utility bills online has become a fashion. If you ate Faisalabad Electric Supply Company FESCO consumer you can advantage from this convenience.

Steps to Check FESCO Bill Online

You understand the benefit lets move with step by step tip to check your FESCO bill online:

Step 1: Open Your Web Browser

Start by opening preferred web browser on your computer or mobile device

Step 2 : Visit the FESCO Official Website

Type FESCO bill website into search engine or enter the URL directly:

Step 3: Navigate to the Bill Check Page

FESCO website look for the Bill or Billing section in main menu. Click on it to reveal a dropdown menu

Step 4: Select Check Your Bill

In dropdown men you find an option labeled Check your Bill or something similar. Click this option to proceed.

Step 5: Enter Your Reference Number

On the bill checking page you will be prompted to enter your reference number. This reference number can typically found on previous FESCO bill.

Step 6: Click Submit or Check Bill

After entering reference number click the submit or check bill button. this website will process your request and get bill details.

Step 7: View and Save Your Bill

Once the system gets your bill information you will see current bill displayed on screen. Review the details including due date and total amount due. You can choose to save copy of bill for your records by downloading it or taking screenshot.

Step 8: Make Payment

Make a payment you can do online through FESCO website or use other payment method available such as online banking, mobile banking apps or visiting a designated payment center.

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