How to calculate Fesco Bill Online in 2024

To calculate your electricity bill you need to know your FESCO unit rate and FESCO slab rates.

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The FESCO slab rates

are the rates charged based on amount of electricity you consume in month. The larger electricity you consume the higher the slab rate increase.

The FESCO unit rate

It is the price you pay for one unit of electricity one kilowatt hour or kwh.

To calculate your FESCO bill you can use FESCO bill calculator which is available online. Here are some steps to use the FESCO bill calculator:

  • Enter your meter number in provided field
  • Select your consumer type
  • Enter number of units you have consumed in current billing month
  • Click on the Calculate Bill button

The FESCO bill calculator will then calculate your bill based on FESCO unit rate and FESCO slab rates.

FESCO slab rates for Commercial Consumers

For commercial consumers the FESCO slab rates are different and based on consumer type and amount of electricity consumed.

FESCO slab rates for Domestic Consumers

Here are current FESCO slab rates for Domestic Consumers:

  • Up to 50 units per month Rs 3.50
  • Between 51 and 100 units per month Rs. 4.50
  • Between 101 and 200 units per month Rs. 7.50
  • Between 201 and 300 units per month Rs 11
  • Between 301 and 700 units per month Rs. 18
  • More than 700 units per month Rs 20

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