Federal Jury Convicts Former Baltimore City States Attorney

A federal jury convicted a woman of making a wrong mortgage application while she was a Baltimore City States Attorney.

Marilyn J. Mosby 44 of Baltimore was convicted of 2 counts perjury. The USAO told in February 2021 Mosby made a wrong statement in an application for a $428,400 mortgage to purchase a condo in Long Boat Key, Fla. She expressed that she get a $5000 gift from her husband for the buying of property.

Mosby faces a maximum of 30 years in federal prison for making a false mortgage application. On Nov 9 2023 the USAO added that Mosby was convicted on two counts of perjury, relating to the withdrawal of funds from city of Baltimore’s Deferred Compensation Plan claiming she suffered financial consequences during Covid 19 pandemic.

According to evidence presented a trial Mosby added this to secure a lower interest rate. Receiving the $5000 as gift, she transferred $5000 to him and he transferred the money back to her.

She faces a maximum of sentence of 5 years for each of the two counts of perjury. Her sentencing dates have not yet been scheduled.

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