dWallet Network increases Monad with Multi Chain DeFi Support

Blockchain service provider dWallet Network has declared its step to help Layer 1 blockchain Monad enabling multi chain transfers

The collaboration will permit Monad ecosystem developers to use dWallet non collusive and decentralized building blocks to create multi chain decentralized finance DeFi applications.

Monad is a layer 1 blockchain aiming at the rapid Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible network with promise of handling up to 10,000 transactions per second tps.

BNB chains registered maximum output is 1731 tps.

By tapping dWallet Network infrastructure of dWallets, Monald DeFi ecosystem can connect to different blockchains and access more liquidity.

Monad Labs CEO lauds dWallet’s support in advancing DeFi development.

This support from dWallet Network is testament to dedication to providing possible platform for EVM developers expressed Keone Hon co founder and CEO Monad Labs

” Our unmatched speed and performance combined with dWallets innovative multi chain capabilities not only solidify Monad position as leading blockchain for DeFi development.

By aligning with Monad we are bringing our multi chain technology to forefront of fastest and efficient EVM ecosystem. Omer Sadika said .

This integration is major step forward in our mission to facilitate a seamlessly interconnected DeFi landscape and we are excited to see revolutionary apps that will emerge from this”


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