Chinese social media users shows deep sadness on the death of billionaire investor Charlie Munger.

The 99 year age investor often speak greatly of china and remained a strong fan despite the country economic trouble.

On Wednesday millions of social media users in china shared Munger quotes on markets,business and life. Munger death has so far 340 million views on Weibo and 32,000 posts on video.

Munger praises Chinese communist government which west government highly criticized for often human right violations. Ali baba is top Munger investor at Daily Jiurnal a Los Angeles newspaper publisher and investment company Munger is CEO from 1977 to 2022.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said on Weibo “Munger was a titan of business and keen observer of the world around him”

Berkshire Hathaway has sold more than 137 million shares of BYD since june of 2022. Berkshire is more popular than Tesla in China.

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