Baltimore Lunar New Year, Valentine Day and Super Bow Festivities Buzzing Weekend

Baltimore is buzzing with a splendid trio events this weekend including the Lunar New Year, Super Bowl and Valentine Day Celebrations.

Baltimore is excite with a festivities as it welcomes a thrilling events this weekend. The city visitors are exciting to take part in the event such as the Lunar New Year, Valentine Day, The Super Bowl. Lunar New Year on Saturday, Super Bowl on Sunday and Valentines Day just around the corner.

Lunar New Year

In the spirit of New Year, the Baltimore Museum of Art is opening its doors to public for a free celebration. This event theme is the dragon will feature a mesmerizing lion dance performance b Yong Han Lion Dance Troupe.

Attendees will have chance to partake in a mini dragon making activity allowing them to immerse themselves in rich cultural tapestry of the event.

Galentines Day

The Ivy Bookshop a belove sanctuary for bibliophiles is extending an invitation to all for happy hour. This event replete with special book collection and drinks present the perfect chance to find a Valentines Day gift or celebrate one love for written word.

Super Bowl

As the weekend approaches Baltimore will have seen lot of celebration each show city diverse spirit and culture. There are laughter comedy shows, rich cultural event fervor of sports. Baltimore stands as testament to the power of unity diversity shared experiences.

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