AT&T outage: Thousands report problem with US mobile services

Problem with US mobile services have been reported across the United States on Thursday morning.

Tens of thousands of reports have been sent for AT&T with hotspots in east and south.

Thousands of reports made by customers of multiple networks after 4 EST 9 GMT

Uses reveal their cells are displaying the SOS message leaving them unable to make calls or access services

The cause is not clear. AT&T is responding to consumer complaints online however has not yet acknowledged network issues.

Verizon one of the networks that received reports network was operating normally.

Customers facing issues with internet access, text, calls with reports indicating no service or no signal.

Customers were logging issues after making unsuccessful effort to contact users of another provider.

Several thousand consumers with Consumer Cellular, US Cellular and Cricket Wireless are reporting problems.

T Mobile said its network is working normal and consumers reporting problems having trouble making outgoing calls to other network.

Major population centers Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles are among those facing the mega number of outages.

911 emergency service is down in various areas official advising use of landline, cell phone, social media with a various carrier in event of emergency.

More than 32, ooo outage incidents were reported with AT&T service around 4:30 am. ET according to data from outage tracking website Impacted cities San Francisco, Chicago, Houston.

What does SOS mean on an iPhone?

Most cellular carriers AT&T, T Mobile and Verizon are reporting outages. which created doubt for iphone user whose phones were in SOS mode.

When will AT&T service be restored?

There have been no news yet as to when service will back.

What does it mean when your iPhone says SOS?

Apple support say if No Service or Searching in the status bar on iPad or iPhone your device is not connected to cellular network.

If you see SOS or SOS only in status bar. Your cell can make emergency calls.The feature is available in Canada, US, Australia.

Is AT&T down? Is Verizon down? Is T-Mobile down? Is Cricket Wireless down?

According to Downdetector, AT&T outages were at 74014 report nationally as 8 am. Eastern Time Thursday morning.

T Mobile users reported 1922 outage at its peak around 8 am. Verizon outages peaked at 4300 report at 8 am. Cricket wireless outages peaked at 13866.

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