10 highest Paid Jobs in Brazil in 2024

Brazil is the 5th populated country in the world.Its population generally depends on manufacturing, mining and agriculture. Brazil is swiftly urbanising and Brazilian agriculture is destroying at rapid speed.Brazil has coastal population of more than 200 million.

Brazil is major exporter in world of items like gold, iron ore,diamonds, quartz, gems and buaxites.It also leader in producing consumer goods, automobiles and steels. Brazil has a major service sector market.

In this article I penned highest paying jobs in Brazil these days


Judges in earn handsome salary of 1312425 BRL per annum.The final verdict in court are made by Judges.Judges play a key role in maintaining law and order.

They hear the testimony of the witnesses and allegations of the lawyers in the court . They instruct the jury on case to case basis and decide the punishment that should be given to the guilty. Judges stance must be neutral so that they can give accurate decisions.

Bank Manager

Bank Manager earns good salary in brasil. In Brazil average yearly salary of Bank Manager is 169,200 BRL.

Bank Manager main duty is to meet the cunsumers, solve their issues and complaints, provides maximum banking services, superb work enviroment and controls the sale targets.

The original bank duty of a bank manager is to monitor day to day tasks of a bank like of marketing, HR, bank profitability, regional branches.


A Brazillian doctor earns average salary of Rs. 16000-48000 per annum. In Brazil it takes almost 6 years to become a doctor.There is 2 years of basic cycle, 2 year of professional education and 2 year of clinical rotation.

You can earn a high income in Brazil as surgeon, cardiologist, nutritionist, neurologist, physician and allergist.


Advocates or lawyers earn up to Rs.50560 BRL per yearly. Lawyers draft legal documents, collect information and prosecute in the court.Lawyers, advocates or attorneys are backbone of any society.They provide justice to common people against crimes.

They must be aware of the law in order situation of the country and develop case planning to solve the case without costing much to client and state.

Regional Managers

Regional Managers in Brazil earn 20000 BRL per year average. Regional managers supervise the work of other managers.They control the budget of regional offices.

They plan and manage the operational process of the organisation and direct recruitment process.


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