What is a Google Verification Code and its Usage

Google Voice Verification codes are forward to confirm your identity during the sign up method. After starting the application enter the code only. Be aware and never share your Google Voice Verification Code. If you share it follow the guidelines at Google Voice Help tutorial to reclaim your number.

If you get a Google Voice Code without signing up any scamers trying to use your cell phone numbers. Do not share the code with them it is a scam altogether.

The Google Verification Code is a natural way of sign up process.During the Google Voice Signup process you will receive a Google Voice verification code to complete the process.

What is a Google Voice Verification Code?

When you sign up for Google Voice, Google will send you a code to make sure it is actually a real person doing the application. It is important to make a Google Voice account to an existing phone number.

You should receive this code as a natural part of the process when signing up for Google Voice. Move forward and enter the code to continue this setup.

What if I did not sign up for Google Voice but got a Code?

If you get a Google Voice code without actually signing up for it there is possibility that someone tried to sign up to Google Voice using your cell number.Because you listed your number somewhere else and any scammer contacted you about it asking for code.

If anyone is asking you for the code, close communication and do not talk to them anymore. Even if they’re lure you by offering good in exchange for the code, they have no desire to actually give you anything; all their intention to do is to scam you.

Never Share your Google Voice Verification Code

The Google Voice Verification code is only to be used and seen by you.Set up a Google Voice account.Never give it to someone asking it and desire for it.


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