Winco will pay almost $3.6 million to settle class action suit about hidden Clean Energy surcharge

The settlement was reached during mediation before Oregon Judge Henry Kantor and follow an 8.8 million dollar payout from Safeway to settle a similar case.

WinCo will pay amount of $3.6 million to settle a class action suit that alleged the company misguide thousands of consumers into paying hidden surcharges on various non grocery items.

Portland consumers who purchased non grocery goods from WinCo after Nov 25, 20218 and who submit claims within schedule time period are anticipated to get $200 each. An unclaimed amount will be donated to non profits in Oregon that assist consumers, under the negotiated settlement.

The suit alleged Winco involved in illegal trade actions and illegal enrichment for failing to advertise the true cost of items it sold.

WinCo in reply agreed in revealed it consumers a 1% Clean Energy Surcharge to on various products by itemizing the surcharge on consumer receipts. However the organization said the city of Portland authorized it and other retail stores to itemize the surcharge on receipts.

The named Plaintiff, Virginia Simonin visited Winco store at Southeast 79th Avenue and Powell Boulevard on Nov 23, 2019 and only after she had checkout look and examined her receipt did she realize that she had paid a 10 cent surcharge according to he lawyer Michael Fuller.

Winco did not willfull use or emply a method act or practice declared illegal under Oregon Unlawful Trade Practices Act. According to Winco Lawyers.

The retail store lawyers argued put forward that Winco made no attempt to conceal the charge rather it full unreveal the charge of Plaintiff receipt as suggested by the City rule.

In November 2018 Portland voters passed a ballot measure establishing a grant program known as Portland Clean Energy Fund. The policy is designed to fund green energy inititatives from s 1% surcharge on sales by mega retail stores that create more than $1 billion a year in national revenue and $500,000 in annual revenue in Portland. The program exempts basic health care services and groceries.

Last May Safeway agreed to pay up to $8.75 million to settle a class action lawsuit over allegations that the grocer also improper passed the Portland clean energy tax on to shoppers.

The lawyer who filed the suit tol Winco consumers who can give their email addresses on a form on his firm website at underdoglawyer,com to get further notices from a claims administrator.

Portland cash immense funt that mission to bankroll clean energy projects and jobs could get a $540 million in revenue in next five years.

In 2019 city adopted rules governing the Clean Energy Funds that provided a mega retailer may separately itemize its obligations on its invoices to its consumers to whatever extent it chooses.

US Magistrate Judge John V Acosta found that Portland City Code nor its Business Tax Admin Rules required retailers to itemize the Clean Energy Surcharge in a proper wat. Winco was required to accurately advertise the price it intended to charge customers for non grocery foods.

Not including the surcharge in the retailer ads price for goods Acosta found could constitute a violation of the Unfair Trade Practices Act.

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