Why Microfinancing is important to small business.How Microfinancing Works?Who Benefits from Microfinancing?How do I get a microfinancing loan?Who are microfinancing lenders?

Microfinance is a method to assist small business owners access to capital.Microfinance involves providing loans, credit , access to saving accounts, money transfers and insurance policies to the small business entrepreneur and owner.

Why Microfinancing is Important?

Microfinance is important because it facilitates access to capital and resources to the financially poor people like those who are unable to get lines of credits, loans and checking accounts from traditional banks.

Without microfinance these person may have to rely on using loans with higher interest rates or even borrow money from friends and familys. Microfinance assist them invest in their business eventually invest in themselves.

How Microfinancing Works?

Microfinance is brain child of Noble Prize winner Muhammad Younus assist the financially marginalized by facilitating them with the necessary capital to initiate a business and work toward financial stability. Microfinance institutions facilitate small loans and other resources to business owners to assist them get their business boost.

Microsaving accounts also fall under the microfinance umbrella.They permit entrepreneurs to have saving accounts with no minimum balance.Microinsurance facilitate these borrowers with insurance at a lower rate and with lower premiums.

Who Benefits from Microfinancing?

Microfinancing is a key factor for development in third world countries.Microfinance can assist the women to break the vicious cycle of poverty.These loans can be as small as $100.For example a young single mother in Pakistan with $100 investment start a snack stand.She continued progress her business, repaying this loan and taking larger loans to buy a building for her business.

The microfinance industry is also growing swiftly.In 2018 total of $124 billion in loans and $139million microfinance borrowers.India has major junk in microfinancing loan followed by Vietnam and Bangladesh.Women are maor microfinance borrower making up 80% of loans in 2018. 65% of total borrowers live in rural areas which means a huge amount of female finance borrowers live in areas with limited earning.

Financial Education

Microloans borrowers are required to take training courses.These courses include cash flow management, bookkeeping and other relevant skills.Cell phone and internet also help to prevail microfinance and borrowers can use their mobile as banking channels.

Does it Actually Work?

Microfinance is a method to end the cycle of poverty, increase earning power, decrease unemployment.Other have opinion tha microfinance make poverty worse. Many borrowers businesses fails which plunges them into debt and pay basic necessities.

In Pakistan microfinance loans major parts are used for consumption meaning the money are used to pay for basic foods.They have to payoff for more loan.These turn into more debt.Microfinance experts say it is a valuable tool for financially marginalize people when used properly.

How do I get a microfinancing loan?

It will depend on lender you desire to work with in.You will go through a process business proposal, application and some kind of identification.


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