What retail stores are open Easter 2024? Full List on Target, Walmart, Macy’s

Easter is this upcoming Sunday and consumers looking to get last minute chance for an Easter gathering or material to generate an Easter basket . But not many of them as usual.

The holiday is vital for millions of people around the globe who follow the Christian faith as it celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ after 40 day period famous as Lent.

The date Easter is celebrated depend on year it is one of several moveable feast in liturgical year. The holiday falls on Sunday March 31 this year.

Retail stores like Home Depot, Ikea and Walmart are open while other like Target, TJ Maxx and Lowe’s are closed.

Here is detail at which stores will closed and open on Easter Sunday in2024

Here’s a look at which stores will be open and closed on Easter Sunday in 2024

Is Ikea open on Easter?

Yes Ikea stores will be open regular hours on Easter the company told media.

Is Kohl’s open on Easter?

No all Kohl’s stores will be closed on Easter Sunday and will reopen with regular hours on Monday April 1.

Is Target open on Easter?

All Target stores will be closed on Sunday March 31 .

Is Walmart open on Easter?

Walmart stores will be open regular hours on Easter.

Is Macy’s open on Easter?

No Macy’s stores will be closed on Sunday March 31.

Are Costco or Sam’s Club open on Easter?

No Sam’s Club warehouse and Costco will be closed on Easter.

Are Home Depot, Lowe’s or Ace Hardware open on Easter?

Home Depot stores will be open from 8 am to 6 pm on Sunday, March 31. Lowe’s stores will be closed.

Ace Hardware stores are owned and operated independently so hours change by location. Consumers are encouraged to contact local store to confirm business hours on Easter.

Are TJ Maxx, Marshall’s or HomeGoods open on Easter?

No these stores will be closed on Easter.

Is Nordstrom open on Easter?

Nordstrom store hours changes by location it is best to check local store regarding specific holiday hours.

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