What is Social Engineering? How to Stay Safe from Social Engineering? Types of Social Engineering Key Element of Social Engineering

Social Engineering is vital term in Security. This is a vast subject but we learn some special types of Social Engineering in this article.

What is Social Engineering

Social Engineering is the act of controlling people to steal private data from them or make them to give such details.Social Engineering depends on taking advantage of human nature.In this case a hacker write a program that tries to get someone password or explot a bug in software.Social Engineering is the tactics of internet age.

Types of Social Engineering

Phone Scams

Phone Scams are old fashioned school idea.Over the phone a scammer can establish a more personal connection than email.If you respond carefully than you will be save from phone attacker. They pretend to be a bank manager or computer firm employee.


In this case attackers physically present. It refers to gain access to a safe area by using legitimate person. It is wise to save physical access to your computer.


It is a social Engineering that act on human curiosity.In these hacker leaves an infected USB or CD in a place where someone use it.If you insert the infected device into your machine you get hit by virus.This is most dangerous attack. Do not use any USB or CD if you do not trust it.


In this hacker uses an email and act as a legitimate person and desire information.To be careful and never click links in emails. Valid Companies do not ask sensitive information.

Elements of Social Engineering

Attackers uses modern tricks to manipulate common people.Awareness has been risen but fraudsters are more cunning. Attacker use following tactics commonly

Sense of Urgency

Social Engineering Scam urges you to react before you decide wisely.They call you for urgent action.

Unclear Language

Social Engineering hackers deals with various person at a time. General wording and lack of reason to talk is the signal that you are dealing with a fake.

Act as Legitimate Company

Attackers used legal email or communication to convince they are not fraudster.

How to Stay Safe from Social Engineering

Always confirm suspicious information

If any body ask you some information and act as any company employee.If they reply with unclear excuses they are totally liar

Do not trust emails

Do not click any links in an email.Visit the website directly.

Social Engineering is one of the method that human mind is exploited online.These common scams to be recognized is very important for you to stay safe in future.Protect your computer do not use other USB or CD, avoid trusting on any person on Phone.

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