Trader Joe’s Dropped a Cute New Mini Tote Bag for $3 and Fans are Sprinting to Snatch Every Color

You are interested in showing off your Trader Joe’s pride with all over print graphic or keeping it simple with basic canvas tote. TJ’s has a bag for you. With totes as cheap as $2.99 eliminating single use paper and plastic by investing in reusable bag is absolute no brainer.

Latest tote to land itself at TJ’s locations nationwide is just $2.99 supplies are doomed to sell out fast.

The Trader Joe’s Mini Canvas Tote Bag has officially arrive but do not be fooled by small size it still packs a mighty punch.

Available in green, yellow, red, blue colorways this natural canvas tote feature a splash of color in its base and straps while standing 11 inches tall, 12 inches long and 6 inches wide.

The bag is 65 percent cotton and 35 percent polyester and it happens to be same as TJ’s larger size canvas totes and shrunken down for lighter grocery loads.

No one has tote bag collection as extensive as what is available for purchase at Traders Joe’s.

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