TikTok Star Mackenzie Sol Redirects Stress to Music on American Idol

Mackenzie Sol a TikTok super star and former X Factor UK contestant is now auditioning the 22nd season of American Idol. Despite his online famous for prankster videos. Sol is dedicated to restressing his career on music.

Born Mackenzie Sol Williamson in Great Britain Sol has based in the US since he was 13 and has over 12.4 million TikTok followers.

Famous British social media personality Mackenzie Sol famous for sharing humorous prank videos with his 12.4 million TikTok followers is realigning his career stress toward his true passion for music with audition for 22nd season of American Idol.

Sol decide to harness the platform of American Idol to pivot his public from comedy to music.Despite popularity of his prank video Sol confessed to KTNV that he restricted comparing himself to a heart surgeon limited to only mothhful jobs.

Sol whose parents were touring musicians dreams of hitting it rise in music similar to notable success on social media.

He share interest in songwriting for himself but for others and desire to share more of his compositions post American Idol stint.

American Idol will act as catalyst in music career, Sol is excited about facilitating a redefinition of his online presence performances.

Aiming for trifecta of talent, exposure, Sol is eager to explore where this journey on American Idol leads him next.

Sol first fetched online attention at age of 4 signing on the British competition show X Factor UK.His content shifted to continually entertaining his followers with funny pranks, involving his family, friends his old love for music never disappeared.

Born Mackenzie Sol Williamson Sol relocated to the US at age 13 with family to progress entertainment career. After American Idol producer noticed him and extended chance to audition for show. Sol seized the moment to prove his musical talent.

He underwent three rounds of digital auditions before invited to Santa Barbara to showcase his skills in front of judges.

Sols foray into the entertainment circuit was not devoid of challenges.



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