The UK is a paradise for software engineering jobs into 2024

Reach to the world talent visa, access to European markets, good government policies and relax tax rates all factor make the UK tech industry highly attractive place for superb tech talent.

British tech organizations are swiftly growing to meed the requirement of client and the progress is driven various sector like of education, healthcare and fintech.The UK has book his place as top country in tech segment after the United State and China. Currently UK rank third in this industry.

As employee demand climbing its projection will be 700,000 tech service job positions in the UK by 2025.

Previous Year investor invest 19.8 billion Euro in venture capital funding into high progress start up companies in London. The market is on track to grow a compound annual growth rate 7% by 2028.

This year the government pledged 3.5bn euro toward tech to assist its goal to make UK a tech giant. Almost 1bn euro funding allocated to AI research and supercomputing.

Government initiate a 200 million euro digital skill funds in november continues opportunities for labour and industry progress.According to data frontend, full stack backend engineers are the top 3 most demand roles in the UK as they get all interview requests compared to other software engineering jobs.

In UK software salaries rise 8 percent every year. UK gaming engineers earn average salary offered 92,000 euro.London remain a tech centre for employment like of Birmingham and Manchester are in the race and offering remote jobs too.

Search engineer and Security and Machine Learning engineer placed on second and third place.

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