‘The Accountant 2’: Plot, Release Date and Everyting to know about the Ben Affleck Sequel

Ben Affleck 2016 action film. The Accountant start streaming on Netflix this week. It became one of the highest trending film on the streaming platform.

Ben Affleck with strong muscle in crisp white collared shirts will never go out of style.

Gavin O Connor Directed with screenplay by Bill Dubuque, The Accountant starts Afflteck as autistic superhero man. Christian is autistic and sensitive to triggers.

His father responds by training him in martial arts and encouraging him to face his triggers head on. He runs a accountant office as front for family money laundering operation.

Will there be an The Accountant 2 movie with Ben Affleck?

Yes The Accountant 2 is happening. Amazon Studios has deal a sequel to The Accountant acquiring the film from Warner Bros. Filming will start this month.

The Accountant 2 release date:

The Accountant 2 release date has not declared. The movie just start filming this week according to Collider which mean it will be a year or more before it comes out.

You can watch and rewatch The Accountant on Netflix.

Who is in The Accountant 2 cast?

Affleck, JK Simmons, Cynthia Addai Robinson and Jon Bernthall will be repeating the roles from the original with Affleck producing via production company with Matt Damon Artists Equity.

The original screenwriter Bill Dubuque and original director Gavin O Connor have returned.

What is The Accountant 2 plot?

The Accountant 2 plot will follow Affleck character Christian Wolff a high intelligent accountant who is tasked with solving murder of boss of Marybeth Medina.

Chrisitina reunites with estranged brother Brax and together they solve a deadly puzzle. There are bad guys out there decide to stop them from uncovering the truth.

What could possibly go wrong?

The movie was box office hit when it opened in 2016 and the ending clearly left the door open for a sequel or two.

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