Tekken 8 leak signals at Marduk, Lidia and other DLC fighters

Bandai Namco most fighting game, Tekken 8 has been out for 3 weeks and community is already surprising about the fighter that make it to the first DLC. The officials have open up Eddy Gordo debut as next champion which leaves 3 more position vacant in the character pass.

Lidia, Fahkumram, Madruk are expected to appear per the latest leaks.

The source of scopp can be trace back to datamine report that came out a week ago, highlighting specified characters and few more.

Leaks are true fans will able to witness an upgraded version of familiar fighters with the Heat system pushing combo potential to the limit.

Tekken 8 beginners they will have more fighters to kickstart journey once all the DLC characters are out.

Lidia Sobieska is to make her appearance as the final fighter in the DLC. She is PM of Poland in the Tekken universe and trained in traditional karate.

She employs the fighting style to unleash powerful mix ups that can overwhelm challengers in the arena.

Fahkumram is expected to be next character in release order.

He is a Muay Thai champion who once terrorized online matches with his pokes and wall pressure after his debut in preguel.

The community will have a divided opinion if he makes to the playable roster.

Marduk has been a powerhouse in previous Tekken titles as employs the Brutal Vale Tudo Fighter Style to maul down opponents with his grabs.

His poke games has been enough to overwhelm other fighters in arena.

Credible leak source presented breakdown of datamine report covering all expected fighters for Tekken 8 DLC. Based on thes insight Craig Marduk looks to be character will be making an exclusive debut right after Eddy Gordo.

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