Taylor Swift and Poet Emily Dickinson are related ancestry reveals

Taylor Swift has very popular poet in her bloodline.

Genealogy company ancestry has discovered that the Karma singer 34 is related to Emily Dickinson and couple are 6th cousin 3 times removed.

Taylor Swift ancestor remained in Connecticut for 6 generations until her part of family finally settled in northwestern Pennsylvania where they married into the Swift family line.

Dickinson and Swift both descend from 17th century English immigrant who was early settler of Windsor.

Swift upcoming album which is known as The Tortured Poets Department is set to be released on April 19.

Swift referenced the 19th century poet while accepting songwrite artist of the decade award from the Nashville Songwriters Association International.

Swifties have speculated that Swift 9th studio album Evermore was inspired by Dickinson.

The record title also references the last word of Dickinson poem “One Sister have I in Our House”

The last line reads ” From out the wide night number Sue forevermore”

Swift first declared The Tortured Poets Department during her speech at the 2024 Grammy last month when she won best pop vocal album of her 2022 album Midnights.

The pop superstar has declared version of her new album with music revealing the 4th and final version at her Eras Tour show in Singapore on Sunday. The bonus track of final edition is titled ” The Black Dog”

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