Taking pictures of the northern lights with iPhone? Here is some tips to get the top shot

To make most of this extraordinary phenomenon, here is how to get breathtaking shots using your iPhone.
You are in Georgia Saturday night you could be in for other celestial treat: the northern lights famous as the aurora borealis could make second appearance.
Here is how to get stunning shots using your iPhone.

Preserve Settings

To streamline your photography make sure your iPhone preserves specific settings like Exposure Adjustment and Night Mode.

Head to Settings>Camera>Preserve Settings and toggle the desired options to maintain configurations.

Select the Right iPhone Model:

While Night Mode is available on iPhone11 and latest models the quality of shots may changes.

Consider using iPhone13 or newer model which offers enhanced camera capabilities. The difference in image quality especially in low light condition can be substantial.

Fine tune Exposure Adjustment

In certain situation like surrounded by bright snow you need to adjust exposure to prevent overexposure. Access hidden settings menu again and change Exposure Adjustment to negative value balancing the brightness of photo.

Consider a Tripod

Stability is main key when capturing long shots of northern lights. Investing in tripod will ensure your iPhone remain steady throughout shooting process resulting in sharper looking photos.

Chose sturdy tripod made from durable material like metal to withstand cold weather conditions.

With right settings and equipment your iPhone has potential to capture images of northern lights even in locations like Georgia,

Adjust Exposure Time

The exposure time to maximize the potential of your shot. Access the setting menu in iPhone camera app by tapping the top arrow.

Locate the Night Mode icon and adjust the exposure time slider to maximum, typically 30 seconds for tripod setups.

This extended exposure time allows your iPhone to get full brilliance of northern lights.


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