‘Step by Step’ cast remembers Suzanne Somers at 90s con reunion

Suzanne Somers die in October 2023 following a ten year long fight with breast cancer.

Suzanne Somers was missed during Step by Step cast reunion at 90s Con.

Step by Step created by William Bickley and Michael Warren aired on ABC from September 1991 to August 1997 then moved to CBS where it ran from September 1997 to june 1998.

Suzanne gave the beautiful thoughtful gifts and she was person of immense style and glamour in her real life and I will never forget and I still have them Keanan shared.

Lakin gushed over the Three Company Star ” Growing up with her and watching her as a woman as a businesswoman as someone who was huge star who had bright light who was so gorgeous and someone I Just really admired.”

Sasha Mitchell, Patrick Duffy, Jason Marsden, Castile, christopher, Christine Lakin, Angela Watson and Staci Keanan remembered their co star who passed away in October following breast cancer diagnosis.

Shortly after her death in October Duffy honored Somers with moving tribute to his friend.

” As with everyone who knew her I was stunned yesterday by the news that my dear and deep friend Suzanne had passed. For that brief moment it was unbelievable” he posted on Instagram.”

“But indeed she has passed. She beautifully passed through my life on this leg of her endless journey. My task is remain on roadside as she continues on”

Suzanne Somers was honored by cast of Step by Step nearly five months after her death.

Somers died from breast cancer at her home in Palm Desert on Oct. 15 . She was 76.

On Sunday her former Step by Step co stars reunited at 90s con and share some legacy working on tv for decades as leading actress.

Duffy and Somers starred as single parent Frank Lambert and Carol Foster who fell in love married and joined families together.

Newlyweds starting over again as adults, they each had 3 children and created a new idea of family.

Step by Step debuted in 1991 and ran for 7 season before its last episode aired in 1998.

The actress was known for her role as Chrissy Snow in sitcom Three’s Company. She gained a popularity in the 90s with Step by Step playing a widow named Carol Foster Lambert.

Jason Marsden played Rick Halke on show for various years until 1998 series finale. He attended 90s Con wearing a pink shirt under his suit which featured an image of Somers.

A contractor named Frank Lambert sweeps her off her feet and pair must start the daunting task of blending their families and trying to create harmony.

Lakin 45 tells There was one Christmas where she just gave ThighMasters to every one referring to exercise equipment that Somers became so popular for selling in 80s and 90s.

Beside being a actress Somers was also author, having written more than 25 books including 2 autobiographies, 4 diet books and book of poetry.

Keanan told media TV icon was “universally adored on set of Step by Step and felt as though to know her was to love her.As her TV daughter she was so warm and nurturing towards me, I thought she was just flawless, I will miss her but was lucky to have known her”

The casts 90s con appearance marked first mega reunion in years though they have known to remain in touch over years.

In 2018 Keanan, Lakin and Duffy got back together for chat on Lakin’s Worst Ever Podcast.

Step by Step was a sitcom created by William Bickley and Michael Warren and developed by Thomas L Miller and Robert L Boyett. It ran for 6 seasons on ABC and a 7th and final season on CBS.

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