Burton appeared on General Hospital from 1991-2012 and from 2017-21. The actor open up in recent past he was exit from the soap after he did not comply with the studio COVID-19 vaccine.

Burton made his debuts on Days in 1988 as Harris Micheals and left the series later that year. Following his time on the soap opera, the star went on to appear in other daytime shows including the Restless and General Hospital where he get Daytime Emmy awards.

Keeping up with the Burtons. Soap actor Steve Burton had three children with Sheree Burton. Couple separate their path in 2022. The General Hospital star met Sheree first time on the set of soap. Pair married in January 1999.

Steve life remain in news over the years. Steve file for divorce from ex wife Sheree Burton. who was pregnant at the time in 2002 announcing that he was not the child father.

He wrote on Instagram ” I wanted to clear something Sheree and I are separated. She is expecting his 4th child. The child is not mine.  

Sheree and Steve finalize their divorce in December 2023. According to court documents both ex couple will share joint legal and physical custody of their two minor children. Steve will also pay Sheree $12,500 per month in child support till April 2024 after which he will pay $10,000 per month.

Sheree on her behalf never announced publicly her ex husband claim about her pregnancy. The fitness coach is currently pregnant with her fifth baby. She welcomed her 4th child daughter Izabella in Feburary 2023.

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