Small business owners ready for the biggest shopping weekend of the holiday season Our Favorite Local Shop

Black Friday is finish however small business saturday is in progress. Nearly 32 million small businesses to attract consumer spending and government investment.

The pub and other small businesses are hoping this trend continues. According to survey of American Express showed buyers across the US spent 18 billion dollar on Small Business Saturday. 72 percent desire to continue the shopping from small businesses due to greater advantage on their local community. Retail giants such as Walmart and Amazon only focus for larger profit on Black Friday.

According to American Epress Survey 55% Small business Saturday will make a huge impact to their overall holiday sales this year. Last 13 years customers have reported spending nearly $180 billion during Small Business Saturday. American Express quoted that Small Business Saturday drove almost $18 billion in consumer spending previous year.

Encourage your local stores in your community and beyond. Here are some of our hometown favorites we desire to share

How to Search What You are Looking For

American Express has searchable small business map

You search your hometown.You receive a mega list of hotels and small businesses as well as small vendor shop

Search hashtags on Tik Tok and Instagram

It can aid you if you desire for a specific items like bags and comment section you can get review of consumers.

Amazon support small section

This is a mega resource but i stress to purchase from businesses directly currently.

Search Facebook events for local gatherings or fairs

Various local communities have market on Small Business Saturday where local sellers can sell at one place.

Etsy mega market place

You can find every thing on Etsy market place. Etsy hosts sales too.

Find your local Chamber of Commerce

There is list of local businesses whether there is an event or not.

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