People react after park worker found stabbed in Pleasant Hill

Bay Area family is in mourning after a Pleasant Hill Park worker was found stabbed to death Saturday.

The incident happened in a quiet neighborhood next to the popular Pleasant Hill Park. People in the area express they feel very safe.

We feel safe on out walks around here Leon Frankel of Pleasant Hill said.

37 year old Santiago Jacobo worked as janitor at Pleasant Hill Park Jacobo a father of 2 young children typically returned home to Pittsburg shortly after his shift.

Saturday Police revealed Jacobo wife waited and was really worried when she did not see him return home from his shift friday night

” She became worried when she had not returned back home from working his shift at park last night so she drove to the park.

Before 5 am Saturday Police added Jacobo wife found him unresponsive in a parking lot next to park.

She called 911 and when paramedics reached they decide he had been stabbed but not able to revive him.

Pleasant Hill local Irene Enekow who was walking her dog Saturday morning revealed she was shocked to listen that she had stumbled onto a homicide investigation in the park of all places

I Just asked do you know what happened and the woman said it is my brother who is dead she added.

Pleasant Hill police have not identified a suspect and asking for anyone with information to call them.

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