Nebraska $400 million Memorial Stadium projects faces criticism on fundraising

Lawmakers and Donors harshly raises questions on timing as NU campuses absorb academic cuts.

Donors majorly funded a under construction $165 million indoor facility east of the stadium. Now NU Athletics Director Trev Alberts recent steps to raise $450 million to renovate Memorial Stadium is facing a huge opposition from state lawmakers and donors.

Albert expresses that the hundred years orthodox old stadium need work to serve UN fans for the next 90 years. According to change planned South stadium would be changed with restrooms, concessions and improve fan seating.

According to NU officials some work is needed to keep the ground functional and smooth. Lot of construction is required to meet federal law on reach for disabled fans.

NU Campuses proposing cuts to Academic

Traditional and longtime donors to the Husker football and University of Nebraska privately raises queries on Alberts vision and timing in building a huge new football infrastructure Project.

The NU systems and University of Nebraska Lincoln faces a budget deficit of $58 million for next two years.Campuses are focusing to reduce academic programs and staff layoffs.

NU football is also remaking. The University of Nebraska Foundation is in the middle of a $3 billion fundraising campaign to assist NU broaden its academic reputation and access in the coming years.

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